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1. Basic Information: My Minecraft username- is QueenSas. Timezone- EST (US), Age: I am 19 ;3, Do you have access to Discord- yes. Do you have a working microphone (yes but I'm deaf). Do you have the ability to record a video?-I do have the ability to record a video, I use bandicam (might switch to a better one later..).
Are you multilingual?- I am not necessarily what you call multilingual if you don't count American Sign Language.
2. How many hours can you commit to Community?- I am on discord every waking hour except for when I have work and sleep.
3. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details.- I have been punished on one server. HIve, for a misunderstanding between me and another player.
4. Scenario 1: Suppose it's your first week as staff and a player starts to spam the Server Chat. What would you do?- If I am brand new and I see someone spamming Server Chat, I would immediately talk to them, ask why they're doing it and tell them to stop and give them a warning, if they continue then a day's mute.
5. Scenario 2: Suppose it's your first week as staff and a player is hacking on the server, what would you do?- If a player is hacking is hacking on WOE then I would confront them and tell them that hacking is not tolerated on this server regardless of hack, then give them a certain amount of ban time depending on the severity of the situation. (1 day-7 days).
6. Scenario 3: Suppose it's your first week as staff and a player asks you to abuse your powers, what would you do?- If at any time, someone asks me to abuse my powers (which should never happen in the first place) I would immediately tell them I will never do that, and if they persist, then it will be a kick of a certain period depending on situation.
7. Why do you want to be staff on WOE?(100 words minimum)- Firstly, I like the name of the server, and from my time on the discord server of WOE I saw how much potential it has (I know you've heard this already probably but I stand by it), I've always felt that being responsible and caring as a staff member it gives you a feeling that is unique. As should all staff members should be like that regardless. I would like to be on WOE, because I saw how the team works out, and how responsive they are, so I would like to be a part of that and to improve my skills and learn more things, with management and just have fun on WOE with people and staff. Making it a friendly and fun community.
8. Tell us about a mistake you made in the past, and how did you resolve it (50 words minimum)- I one time made a mistake of jumping the gun too quickly because I saw a guy hacking (or so I thought) and I went to confront him and he was saying how it was a kit he had gotten and I didn't believe him, and later on I saw my mistake and brought him back and gave him something to make up for it, as well as a staff apology. I felt so bad, I learned from my mistake and became more careful from there on out.
9.What are some of your hobbies or activities outside of Minecraft?- My hobbies, is well this, volleyball and funnily enough work. I work with dogs so...and volleyball but I got no one to play with T-T
10. Do you have any previous staff experience?- I do have previous staffing experience, on Apricity Network (Disc Manager) , Sceptre (Head-Admin) (they closed down due to mysterious disappearance of owner). As well as Artis (Manager) (Close down to lack of funding).
11. Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one? Have I made any previous applications? Well yeah with the servers mentioned above. And the last one was ohhh... January? xD
12. Anything else we should know?- I have a sushi problem, and I am deaf as well as previously mentioned, and I work at a place called Camp Bow Wow. and I am talkative in Discord Chat ;3 (Have a good day!)

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